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Pop Series Shakers

“I know it was designed with input from LA's top percussionists. I've played it as well and I can report that it is the single best and most versatile box shaker I've ever tried... not just a one trick pony” -Mojo Bone: Producer, engineer, percussionist

Natural Acoustics Lab introduces the most versatile hand percussion instrument at the lowest price for its value. A favorite among percussion enthusiasts, casual performers, teachers and musical therapists.
With full control over every axis, you can easily achieve complex rhythmic patterns with a broad variance of sonic quality. 
There are no “hard and fast” rules for how this instrument is to be played. It is up to you to let your imagination create new sounds for your musical needs! 
Box Shakers are voiced as Pixie (approx 2.5") and Piccolo (approx 3.0") and can be played signally or as pairs. These come in our patented chambered architecture and a traditional "uni-chamber" or hollow construction.
You’ll get a lot of positive attention as soon as you take these great feeling and versatile instruments out for a spin.
For info on how to play, visit our Box Shaker Playing Techniques page.