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Stick Shaker Playing Techniques

These voiced shakers provide incredible flexibility for technique and the perfect shaker tone. Watch the video below for an introduction to our Stick Shakers. Can't wait to try our Stick Shakers out? Click here for our catalog!


Introduction to Stick Shakers



Muting and Un-Muting

Two Handed Rhythm



Here are some more techniques to try:

1. Hold the stick vertically and shake it.

2. Hold the stick horizontally and shake it.

3. Interchange vertical and horizontal positions while playing a rhythm pattern.

4. Hold the stick on one end and flick it like a wand.

5. Repeat the wand pattern and change the accents (weak and strong forces).

6. Hold the stick like a wand but gently hit the opposing hand like a tambourine.

7. Grip the stick dead center and allow your hand to open, while pinching the stick between two fingers. Interchanging a tight grip with an open hand will create a “wah- wah” sound. (No electricity or pedals required!)

8. Grip the stick dead center and twist your wrist to the right and left like a pendulum.

9. Do the same motion (8) and gradually increase then decrease the volume.

10. Play two different sized sticks, one each hand. They complement each other and will lead you to new rhythms.

11. Experiment and have fun inventing your own sounds and rhythms!