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Listen to our NAL Shakers in action. Here, our NAL family of musicians have shared with us their compositions that include our Box and Stick Shakers. Enjoy!

Seth Tsui - Doan Rides His Bicycle

"Out of all the shakers in Steve Reid's immense instrument collection, these shakers blended best with the orchestral and modern instruments I was using for the score of Kung Fu Pho. These are the perfect shakers for every drummer or percussionist doing scoring sessions to have in his or her bag." - Seth Tsui


John Mazzei - Snake Pit

"I chose the lower pitched box shakers because they seem to add a nice exotic flair to the sound which was perfect for the moderately intense, steamy jungle, early evening vibe I was going after with the piece. Playing both the tenor and soprano stick shakers, one in each hand, gave me the ability to record in stereo and get some more spatial movement in the track. I can really only play simple parts due to my limited chops, but the sound of these shakers are nice and warm and full, so simple parts are all that is needed. For TV music, I can't have parts that are too busy anyway. The sound of the NAL shakers occupies a nice piece of the audio spectrum and they take EQ and ambiance effects well, making them versatile even during post production and mixing." - John Mazzei


Pedro Costa - NAL Box Shaker Synthesis

"The NAL shaker box allows me to produce dozens of different sounds. So I thought why not compose an entire piece using its unique organic nature. Using sound synthesis techniques and tools I was able to create completely unique set of instruments." - Pedro Costa


John Mazzei - Mama Boom Bap

"I was looking to achieve a little bit more of a swing feel on the top end of the groove. I was looking for simple parts that would interact well with the drum machine hi hat part. The articulation of the medium box shaker (my current favorite!) really helped me to get what I was looking for. Also the tiny stick shaker has a very nice high end that cuts but isn't too harsh. This makes it perfect for TV music, for that I need something that moves things along without calling too much attention to itself. The tiny stick shaker has all but replaced my plastic egg shaker on parts where I would normally reach for the egg." - John Mazzei