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The Walnut Box Shakers Complete - with a Free Case!

The Walnut Box Shakers Complete - with a Free Case!

$ 346.99

This powerful set provides you with the  Walnut Pixie, Piccolo, Soprano and Alto Boxes for the ultimate Box Shaker experience. Each instrument has over thirty different tonal and rhythmic possibilities. Playing two shakers at once will give you at least one hundred tonal and rhythmic options.

Wood Type: Walnut or Black Walnut

Regional Source: Eastern United States

Long regarded as America's premium hardwood, Walnut is known for its durability and strength.

Walnut has pale brown to a dark brown coloration with darker brown to blackish streaks. Its figuring is very appealing.

For instruments, Walnut generates a tone that is very warm and full sounding. It is an ideal instrument if you want it to "round out" your ensemble.

This set comes with a free zippered carrying case ($15 value).