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The Ash Stick Shakers Complete (10% off)

The Ash Stick Shakers Complete (10% off)

$ 322.99

This "über set" of sticks combines the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone sticks with the smallest three shakers in the highest registers. With the Piccolo, Pixie and Poodle (not pictured) in hand, you'll be prepared for just about any shaker percussion requirement.

The Poodle is approx. 2 inches long, the Pixie is approx. 4 inches long, the Piccolo is approx. 6 inches long, the Soprano is approx. 8 inches long, the Alto is approx. 10 inches long, the Tenor is approx. 12 inches long, and the Baritone is approx 14 inches long. All Sticks are made of Ash. [The Poodle is not pictured here, but is included.]


Your purchase comes with an attractive padded carrying case (a $40 value). That's about $75 in total savings!