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Ash Poodle Stick Shaker (~2.0")

Ash Poodle Stick Shaker (~2.0")

$ 21.99

This Micro-Shaker is your everyday Shaker. It's very high and light tone are especially suited to gentle music (ie, Christmas) where you need an ethereal percussive sound. This shaker has been used on hundreds of tracks for use on TV, film and commercial use.

The Poddle shaker is also great to take your mind off of everyday cares, to meditate or perhaps as a sing-along. It has a friendly, small voice and wants to keep you company.

By the way, kittens are great percussionists and have endorsed this Micro-Shaker. Lot’s of fun watching them play with the “Poodle”!

The Poodle is approx. 2 inches long and made of Ash.