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The Lacewood Box Shakers Complete - with a Free Case!

The Lacewood Box Shakers Complete - with a Free Case!

$ 362.99

This powerful set provides you with the  Lacewood Pixie, Piccolo, Soprano and Alto Boxes for the ultimate Box Shaker experience. Each instrument has over thirty different tonal and rhythmic possibilities. Playing two shakers at once will give you at least one hundred tonal and rhythmic options.

Wood Type: Lacewood, Brazilian Lacewood, South American Lacewood

Regional Source: Tropical South America

This non-endangered exotic wood has long been a favorite wood among luthiers, for guitars and other stringed instruments. It's beautiful texture is achieved by a milling technique known as "quarter-sawn". Lacewood patterns contain light-colored ray flecks against a background containing pink, orange-tinged tan and brown coloration. A truly stunning wood.

Lacewood instruments have a full tonal quality and is similar in sound to Cherry and Walnut instruments.

This set comes with a free zippered carrying case ($15 value).