Stick Shakers: Walnut

Shakers are a mainstay for performers, studio musicians and composers needing natural percussive sounds. Most traditional shakers limit articulation. Natural Acoustics Lab’s revolutionary design releases musicians from these constraints. NAL Stick Shakers extend the Shaker vocabulary and sound articulation by more than a factor of three. Our enhancements include:
  • Expansive dynamic range
  • Unique sound generation when played along multiple axes
  • Immediate and spontaneous control
  • “Fatigue free” performance using multiple techniques and articulations
Additionally, our Shakers are “tuned” so that every instrument is uniquely voiced, ideal for pairing with a compatible Shaker and targeted for distinct stage and studio applications. These instruments invite the musician to invent new percussive sounds. Our instruments are hand assembled and hand finished from fine hardwoods and quality tested components. NAL has spent two years in design, test and sound trials to produce our instruments. These Shakers sound great to the ear, are beautiful to the eye and feel great in your hands.
AND - Natural Acoustics Lab instruments are made in the USA.
“We shake it like we mean it” and we want you to enjoy our instruments for many years.
For info on how to play, go to our Stick Shaker Playing Techniques page.