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Performer Series Shakers

Handcrafted in the USA and made from domestically sourced hardwoods, these beautifully fashioned instruments bring to you all of the sound quality and precise control required by professional stage performers.

The Performer Series Box Shakers are voiced from high-to-low tones. There is also a corresponding and dramatic increase in volume as you move from high to low. Why? Our smallest (2.5") Pixie Shaker provides a much sought after high-pitched "shoosh" sound and is ideal when mic'd on stage or played naturally in an acoustic setting. The four-inch Alto can be heard, without a microphone in a large ensemble and, through a phenomenon known as "phase cancellation", will sound like an amplified version of the Pixie. 

The power of these instruments is immense, but so is the craftsmanship and beauty of the final product. NAL Performer Series instruments sound great, are responsive to performer control and are made to our highest manufacturing standards.

These shakers are meant to be lifetime friends and serve you for many, many years.

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