Box Shakers

“I’ve been to NAMM the past ten years and have never seen this type of percussion” -Steve Reid, Co-founder of The Rippingtons, studio percussionist and composer 

Natural Acoustics Lab introduces the most versatile hand percussion instrument on the planet - the Mini-Box Shaker. The depths of this instruments have not been fully plumbed, but there are over one dozen articulations you can achieve with a single Box Shaker played in one hand or in both. With full control over every axis, you can easily achieve complex rhythmic patterns with a broad variance of sonic quality. 
Perhaps the best part is that there are no “hard and fast” rules for how this instrument is to be played. It is up to you to make it bigger and better than it already is! 
Box Shakers are voiced as Piccolo, Soprano and Alto instruments to be used solo or as a paired set. You’ll get a lot of positive attention as soon as you take these great feeling, beautiful and versatile instruments from your gig bag.
For info on how to play, visit our Box Shaker Playing Techniques page!